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The Hawaiians   ---   America's most Interesting Citizens


A Photo Documentary Book Project that celebrates the people that make up the State of Hawaii.

From farm workers to corporate execs,  immigrants from all corners of the earth, from surfers to scientists, the people of Hawaii are fascinating, diverse, creative, industrious, and make a compelling argument that Hawaii is America's most successful melting pot.

The only US state with Royal Desecndants, with desires to reform the Hawaiian Monoarchy, the history of Hawaii, with it's immigration, colonization and eventual abdication of the throne, and the transformation to America's youngest state, makes Hawaii the most vibrant, exciting, and culturally interesting state in the union.

The landcapes of Hawaii, from ocean surf to towering volcanos, from cowboy towns to modern metropolis, provide the background to Hawaii's people, and their dreams and endeavors.


In Production Now in large format Print and  E-book editions.

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