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"Chuck Mason brings a creative yet efficient approach to photography that allowed us to capture our key executives in a very natural fashion. He produced some of the best executive portraits we have used in our annual report, and it was a pleasure to work with him."

Tom HausmanDirector EditorialServices     Client / Harris Corporation


"Chuck is an excellent corporate photographer with a real feel for what works and what doesn't. He gets the shot I want without a lot of moaning about how it can't be done. Chuck really knows his business. He's fast, efficient, and most important creative. I highly recommend him."

Jim O'Leary Art Director Corporate  Marketing & Communications Inc.        Client / Metretek


"We recently worked with Chuck Mason on a project for our client, Witt Biomedical. The project called for a shot of a diagnostic machine with a double computer monitor display. Often it's necessary to combine seperate images of the machine and the screens, but Chuck was able to balance the screens and get the shot on one piece of film. He's fast, easy to work with, and the client really liked the shot."

Raymond Jessee, Roger Wolf  Art Directors  Wolf Jessee Paquin        Client / Witt Biomedical


"We worked with Chuck Mason on a shoot for our client Benihana, and found his ability to motivate the talent, gather the props, wardrobe, stylists, and bring it all together, to be a valuable asset to our agency and our client. He captured a great feeling of fun on film, and we enjoyed working with him!"

Gad Roman Creative Director  Roman & Tannenholz    Client / Benihana


"In working together Chuck put the talent at ease and we got some warm, friendly, natural results on film. Lets do some more, Chuck"        

Hudson Hill / Art DirectorGreenstone Roberts Adv.Client / PrudentialHealthCare

Client Testimonials


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